story of me and monika

Hello to all dear friends
While due to exams and did not upload blog comments were not answered. But now the end of exams, I came back and Anshaallh active before surgery will.
This time I did not upload the blog, I took a lot of events. Most of them write this post. Please read the full article:
The name of God who created love
About a year ago, I was a member of one friendships. Hindi program were more members and a small percentage of them were familiar with English. Many Iranians were not even there. So find a friend for non-Hindi was difficult to find a friend and someone he would have all their efforts in addition to maintaining friendship, relationship to the stronger. Reasons to say, I did not have many friends.
Time was a girl from Poland who was my friend had the same age. I was his name was Monica. I lost your love I had. He also. . .
I say this also to strengthen their language and familiarity with different accents chat programs I member. We were friends for a while. Every day that passed, we are more familiar with. Until one day I had the test and after the study course, I opened the program and I started to talk. Gftgvkrdm morning with Monica. We were close friends.
After a while, for some reason I wanted to leave the program and the virtual world goodbye, I told Monica when the subject was very sad and wanted me to stay. I wish that I had my friendship with him continue, after a few days, do you think the result told him. Kftm will love.
After a while the emotional connection between us was formed. The relationship "love" was called. . . ! Iranian boy to love a girl from Poland. We both love each other. Until Tuesday - four days, Monica was not news. Even the phone did not answer him and his fellow time. I was angry. When, after four days back, I asked why the first thing talked about. I think I have been with your friends and I have forgotten, I spoke sharply to him and told him that you hate! Intimate relationship between us, no longer valid. . .! Then I love the mother has died.
In his blog, I apologize. Readers love the old village of apology to remember Monica. Once again we love. But after a while, everything he'd send a message not to answer. Again in terms of anger and inappropriate decisions and actions and in the end. . . Relations!
After nearly a year. In many applications like navigation that I was looking for Monica to find him. Nearly a year I search. Footsteps until he found qeep program. But his profile had been closed by the program manager. A Polish girl got help to find Monica. After three - four days to find his new profile.
Monica got the apology and wanted me to forgive and forget the past and re-start the relationship anew. Much talked about and finally agreed to give me a chance to compensate for past. A message would be late and I knew my dialogue with others, and I had a lot of suffering. His name was written everywhere and all my friends knew I love Monica. How many times I asked my friend if not tell, I promise that I go and Brngrdm. But did not. . . I had all their effort to prove to him I am sorry from the past. Until last night, I speak my heart. I told all my friends because I was away. I love you more, and I said I'm all attention. When I saw the profile, to understand my words. She was very sad. He was bad with me. But I always tell them Jlmh: love never destroy. . . . Monica said this sentence to the past and stronger relationship began. . .
This again will not let what destroys our relationship. . . We have loved each other. . .
If you got your head pain, sorry. But it was necessary to write this.
Yes, I'm Aria, Aria king of privacy
I'm back again, but this time I'm not alone. . .

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